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Annual Giving

Assisting the assistant

Teresa Zamor is experiencing a lot of firsts as a physician assistant student at the UF College of Medicine.

Employees define the future of health care, together

Through the annual “Raising Hope at Work” employee giving campaign, UF Health Shands and UF College of Medicine faculty and employees have joined together since 2009 to raise money for the biggest needs of our organization.

Funding hope: Parkinson’s patient on the road again

When he was 38 years old, Doug Kirk remembers how things like brushing his teeth or raising his left arm became difficult. He wasn’t able to sleep. Even sitting for extended periods of time proved painful. But this summer, he and his wife Sheila will cycle for more than 450 miles along the scenic southern hills of Iowa.

For this father, longtime giving is personal

In 1968, Barry Wigglesworth's only son was diagnosed with Ebstein anomaly in its severest form, a rare heart defect that is present at birth where the heart valve doesn’t properly close to keep the blood flowing in the right direction.