Two UF Health support technicians gather around two computer monitors.

Why are employees being asked to contribute?

The Raising Hope at Work employee giving campaign provides UF Health Shands and UF College of Medicine faculty and staff members the opportunity to engage in our culture of philanthropy. Your participation signals a continued commitment to caring for each other and our community while helping to further our mission.

How do I sign up for a team?

Your department or unit decides your team. By making a gift, your contribution is tallied to your team. Check giving.UFHealth.org/champions to find your team Champion!

How are departments recognized for their participation?

We will be awarding the top 3 units by participation percentage. Participation is defined as either enrolling in recurring payroll deductions or making a one-time cash/credit card donation. A team’s participation percentage is based on how many individuals participate divided by the total number of individuals within a unit/department.

Are there incentives for top teams?

Yes! The top 3 department/unit teams with the highest participation percentage will receive recognition and a team prize. Champions of these teams will also be recognized for their efforts.

How do I enroll in recurring payroll deductions online?

Visit giving.UFHealth.org/RHWpayroll and login to the UF Advancement Hub using your Gatorlink or Shands credentials. You will need to be on the VPN to access this site. After login, you will be on the landing page for recurring payroll deductions where you can designate the amount and fund for your gift.

How long will recurring payroll deductions continue after enrollment?

You can cancel your deduction anytime by logging into the deduction form site – giving.ufhealth.org/RHWpayroll – using your Shands or Gatorlink credentials. Once you enroll in recurring payroll deductions through the UF Advancement Hub, deductions will continue until you notify the UF Health Office of Development or University of Florida Foundation, Inc., to either cancel or change the above deduction or if there is a change in employment status.

I am experiencing difficulty in making my gift online. Can you assist?

Troubleshooting tips:

Payroll Deduction Site

  • DUO Two-Step Authentication: When logging into the payroll deduction hub, you will be asked to enter your Shands or Gatorlink credentials. You will also need to complete two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication ensures your login is more secure by requiring two methods to verify your identity. Thank you for completing this extra step to protect your private information.
    • If you have never used UF’s DUO Two-Step Authentication before, you will need to first be enrolled in the system.
    • Go to https://it.ufl.edu/2fa/get-started/ to begin enrollment.
    • Select either UF Health JAX Enroll, UF Health GNV Enroll (for Shands employees) or UF GatorLink Enroll depending on which category fits your employment status.
    • Log in using your Shands or GatorLink credentials.
    • Select Two-Factor Authentication Management and follow the steps to enroll.
    • Decide which authentication method you prefer (a phone call, a push notification, or you can enter a passcode generated by the DUO App).
    • Contact RaisingHopeatWork@shands.ufl.edu if you have any additional questions.
  • Fund Choice: This year, all staff can choose which UF Health fund they would like to direct their gift towards. There are many fund options. If you are unsure which fund to choose, here are some suggestions:
    • Connect with your Champion to find out your department/unit’s priority fund.
    • Choose to give to one of our areas of greatest need funds:
      • UF Health Shands – 002511
      • Dean’s Preeminence Scholarship Fund – 019951
  • Web browser: Some users accessing the credit card form using the Microsoft Edge web browser have reported difficulties. Please be sure to use the Firefox or Google Chrome web browser to access the giving page and payroll deduction form.

If you have other difficulties while making your contribution, please contact us at RaisingHopeatWork@shands.ufl.edu

What other contests or incentives are a part of the campaign?

By making contributions during our Raising Hope at Work Blitz Day on June 22, along with two other contests, you and your team can be rewarded.

Contest 1 – June 20-24

  • The top two units or departments with the highest participation growth during the week will win a catered meal.

Blitz Day – June 22

  • Every individual that makes a gift on or before Blitz Day will receive a Raising Hope at Work pop-it keychain and a coupon for a free sweet treat from Jeremiah’s Italian Ice.

Contest 2 – July 18-22

  • All participating units and departments that have reached 50 percent participation by July 22 will be entered in a drawing to win a catered meal.

Are there incentives for individual participation?

Individually, you can earn the following:

  • One Raising Hope at Work branded bento box when:
    • Making a payroll deduction of $3 or more per pay period, or
    • Making a $50 one-time gift
  • One Raising Hope at Work branded fleece jacket when:
    • Participating in the “Hour of Power” program
    • Contributing more than $1,000 during the campaign

What is the “Hour of Power” program?

By pledging to donate one hour of your pay each pay period, you join the “Hour of Power” program. “Hour of Power” donors will receive special recognition and gifts, including a Raising Hope at Work branded fleece jacket, to celebrate their commitment! Visit giving.UFHealth.org/RHWpayroll to learn more and enroll.

Will I get the same benefits offered to “Hour of Power” donors if I give more than an hour of pay during each pay period?

Donors who contribute $1,000 collectively during the campaign through either cash/credit card gifts or recurring payroll deductions will also receive a branded fleece jacket.

How will I be recognized as a donor to the campaign?

All employees who contribute to Raising Hope at Work can choose to be recognized on the online honor roll. Employees who contribute at the “Hour of Power” level will be included on the UF Health digital donor wall in UF Health Shands Hospital, just east of the atrium. Donors may also choose to remain anonymous.

To what extent are campaign gifts tax-deductible?

Gifts to the campaign are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Don’t see your question? Reach out to us at raisinghopeatwork@shands.ufl.edu!