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This holiday season reminds us of the importance of hope – especially for patients at UF Health who are spending the holidays in our care. We invite you to make a gift that gives hope to our patients, like Tory Ross, and spreads a little joy.

Six years ago, 3-month-old Tory had to be revived by her mother, Caroline. Tory was not breathing and turning purple. This left the Ross family searching for answers. That search led them to UF Health. When no one in Tallahassee could, UF Health provided answers and diagnosed Tory with virus-induced asthma. 

Today, Tory is an energetic 6-year-old who enjoys a normal life. She participates in competitive cheerleading and thrives in school. Her good health would not be possible without UF Health.

This is why we hope you will consider making a gift today – to enhance the patient experience and support recovery.

Will you join the Ross Family in making a gift and spreading joy to those who need it most this holiday season?

Make a gift