Where does my CMN gift go? | May 2019

This month, we’re pleased to share about some vital equipment purchased thanks to your support of CMN Hospitals.

Medtronic Temporary Pacemaker, $7,495

This device provides temporary cardiac pacing for patients in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit following heart surgery. There is a high chance of post-operative cardiac arrhythmias after complex heart surgeries, so this device remains at the bedside of patients after surgery in case the patient needs the use of temporary cardiac pacing.

Pulmonary Functions Test (PFT) and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) Carefusion Upgrade, $90,197.93

This upgrade to the pulmonary function lab includes the addition of two cardiopulmonary exercise test machines, two bikes with integrated blood pressure monitoring, three wheelchair-compatible PFT systems, five standard PFT systems, seven spirometry machines and other equipment to support our pediatric pulmonary function lab. This testing provides comprehensive cardiopulmonary diagnostics for our pediatric pulmonary and cardiac patients. This equipment should arrive sometime this summer.