Physician Spotlight: Dr. Michael Haller

Haller_Michael_Haller_6896Gainesville native Michael Haller, M.D., is completing the transition from student to teacher as the new chief of pediatric endocrinology at the UF College of Medicine. A 2000 graduate of the college and the department of pediatrics residency program, Haller also completed his fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at UF. Both Haller and his wife, Allison Haller, M.D. (COM ’05) are proud to call Gainesville home.

“I can think of nothing more personally or professionally rewarding than being given the opportunity to continue providing care for the children of Florida,” Michael Haller said.

Pediatric endocrinologists manage a host of medical problems caused by under or over secretion of hormones.

“We see the entire range of pediatrics from newborns to young adults. Approximately half of our patients are treated for diabetes while the other half have problems associated with thyroid dysfunction, pubertal disorders, poor growth, pituitary damage, bone disease and adrenal disorders,” he said.

Medical issues stemming from complex endocrine disorders can require ’round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance. Those children and their families who face that daily struggle with strength and optimism, seeking to live each day to its fullest inspire Haller, he said.

As the new division chief, Haller will build on his 20 years of diabetes research, guiding the department’s ongoing efforts to provide the best possible patient care, perform leading-edge research and train the next generation of pediatric endocrinologists.

“I look forward to fostering the tradition of excellence established by Dr. (Janet) Silverstein in her more than 20 years as division chief,” he said. “We will continue seeking to further our primary mission of improving the lives of children and families affected by diabetes and endocrine disorders.”