Caring Beyond the Patient

Published: March 5th, 2015

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happynursesweek_websliderIn honor of Nurse’s Week, from May 6 to 12, we are highlighting exceptional stories from our nursing staff. Most nurses will tell you they decided to go into this profession to help others, and that this selfless drive pushes them to give in any way they can. Every so often, this compassion extends well beyond caring for the physical needs of patients – as we see in this story about two UF Heath nurses, Stanlyn Morrison, ASN, RN, and Laurene Converse, ASN, RN.

When Stanlyn and Laurene began caring for a patient who traveled from Ocala to receive treatment, they learned the patient’s husband had recently passed away. She was living with her pet birds, which she had to leave at home alone during her treatments in Gainesville. One afternoon, Stanlyn and Laurene noticed how distressed the patient was from leaving her pets by themselves.

When they finished their shift at 11:30 that night, they drove to Ocala and picked up the birds and took them into their own homes until the patient was discharged. The nurses even purchased another bird, and a larger cage to keep the birds happy.

Often, it is what a nurse is compelled to do, rather than what she is obligated to do, that can make the largest impact on a patient. During Nurses Week, from May 6 to 12, we ask that you reflect on how you can honor a nurse who may have changed your hospital experience. For many, Nurses Week is the perfect way to say thank you to nurses, like Stanlyn and Laurene, who truly go above and beyond.

Any gift – no matter the size – will encourage our nurses to continue their wonderful work, while providing much-needed support to advance the science of medicine at UF Health. With your gift, consider leaving a note of thanks to let our UF Health nurses know just how much they are appreciated this Nurses Week. Thank you for your considerate support.