Today, Cheyenne is a happy beautiful young girl. She enjoys cheerleading and all of the fun activities offered at her school. However, on one summer day, Cheyenne’s life was put in jeopardy at a family barbecue.

In a tragic accident, Cheyenne was terribly burned on both of her legs. Horrified at what had happened, her mother immediately took her to the nearest fire department. It was from the fire department that Cheyenne was brought to Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida by ambulance for care. She suffered first, second and third degree burns. She also was placed on a feeding tube to help her wounded body heal. Additionally, she underwent surgery to provide skin grafts to help heal her badly burned legs. Thankfully, the skilled UF physicians, nurses and health care providers at Shands Children’s Hospital had the knowledge and technology available to effectively treat Cheyenne and her burns.

Fortunately, after undergoing numerous treatments and surgeries, Cheyenne’s legs and wounds have improved tremendously. Cheyenne is known affectionately as “Shiny” to close family and friends. And, it is no wonder why she acquired such a perfect nickname — as she is a true shining light to all who she encounters.