Shands Children’s Hospital seeks funding for Infant CPR Kits

Published: November 3rd, 2011

Category: Announcements

It is critical for parents and family members to know CPR when they have infants with heart conditions. Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida is seeking funding to acquire 300 Infant CPR Anytime Kits. These kits will empower families to take charge of their babies’ health care.

Parents are taught infant CPR prior to leaving the hospital. Caregivers can teach a parent to use the Infant CPR Anytime Kits in about 20 minutes. A nurse in the Shands at UF Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and two instructors in the pediatric areas currently teach our patients’ parents. Once they have learned the techniques, the parent can then teach other family members.

These kits provide families with greater independence and the power to take care of their children’s health and the power to even save their lives.

Each kit costs $34.95. If you would like to make a donation for Shands to purchase a kit, go to GIVE NOW. Call Margaret Friend at (352) 265-7237, for more information.