Rachel’s Fund

We, Rachel’s family, traveled back and forth from Tallahassee to Gainesville during her 21 years of life for clinic-visits, hospitalizations and other procedures. Some planned; others were not. We fully understand and have experienced the emotional, mental, and financial stress this can have on a family.

We were very blessed to have benefited from the generosity of some compassionate, caring people who helped pay for gas, food, and, sometimes, a night at a hotel. Now, we want to bless other families in similar situations. In honor of our daughter Rachel we have started “Rachel’s Fund.” The money raised is tax-deductible and all will be used to buy gas, food and provide a night in a hotel for families in need to relieve a little stress from an already extremely stressful time and situation.

If you feel inspired to make a donation that will go to helping other families in need, please consider donating today.