Who is your Health care Hero?

healthcare hero
Patient Kathy Lupini is grateful for the great treatment she received from physician, Dr. Kelly Foote

At UF Health, we have heroes in every hall. Each person who cares for our patients is a true health care hero. Who is yours? We invite you to make a gift in honor of your health care hero at UF Health. Now more than ever, we celebrate every happiness. Make your health care hero’s day and #ShareASmile. Here’s how!

Step 1: Make a Gift

Use the form below to make a gift in honor of the special health care hero in your life. Made your gift offline? Thank you! Select that option from the list and complete the form to #ShareASmile.

Step 2: Share a Note and a Smile

After you complete the form, follow the #ShareASmile link once you complete your gift. From there, use that form to share your note and upload your photo.