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Your Gift In Action

Ambassador Highlight: Meet Caden

“Caden has never known a life without hemophilia or Shands. Shands is as normal to his life as daycare,” said Caden's mother, Christina.

Where does my CMN gift go? | November

CMN Hospitals funds fully support the Child Life program, a team of individuals specially trained and certified to help kids and families cope with hospitalization.

Where does my gift to CMN go?

Thanks to CMN Hospitals funds, a new piece of equipment will help grow our minimally invasive neurosurgery program.

What do my CMN dollars do? | August 2018

The pediatric cath lab will soon be home to a new Sonosite Ultrasound System. At $46,899.50, this necessary equipment could not be purchased without your support of CMN Hospitals.

Ambassador Highlight: Meet Luke

Before leukemia, 3-year-old Luke Lambert was a ‘care-free and fun wild child’ who loved to play with the students at the school where his parents taught.

In Puerto Rico, finding forever homes for hundreds of pets

University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine students work feverishly to help Villa Michelle, the largest animal shelter on Puerto Rico's west coast, prepare for a two-day "adopt-a-thon" to place hundreds of dogs and cats into forever homes.