What do my CMN dollars do? | June 2018

Funds donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals help the treatment and recovery of patients with severe burns. Each year, our burn center receives $15,000 from CMN to purchase Burn Compression Garments for our pediatric patients.

Burn compression pants

Without these compression garments, patients are more susceptible to hypertrophic and keloid scarring, which can cause major reduction in mobility. The regular use of compression therapy helps flatten out scarring and allows better elasticity and movement, especially in children’s joints.

Burn compression shorts

Although this therapy has been proven to help tremendously with recovery from burns and enhance the lives of these patients, these compression garments are not covered by insurance. Each child will receive two compression garments per site (one to wear and one to wash) and must wear them for 12-24 months, depending on the speed of recovery. To help some of our younger patients accept the need to wear these garments continuously for the amount of time needed, special cartoon characters or decorations are added to them.

Burn compression sock

Without support from CMN, these patients would face a longer road to recovery. Thank you for your continued support in helping Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide a healthy tomorrow for our kids!

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