Easy and Fun Spring Crafts

Published: March 3rd, 2014

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With spring comes plenty of rain, and rainy weather is the perfect time to craft with your little ones. Try these simple, do-it-yourself projects to keep your children engaged in creative play.

Eggshell Pots

Use eggshells as pots to plant seeds near a sunny area.

Young gardeners can use eggshells as pots to prepare plants for the garden. After the seeds are planted, use coffee-stirrers to label and watch them bloom! Once the plant has grown to around 3 inches and has a set of at least two true leaves, it is ready to be moved into the garden. Read more.


Butterfly FilterRainbow Butterflies

Create colorful butterflies out of coffee filters.

For this craft, you’ll need… one half of a black chenille stem, a paper coffee filter, water color paints, a paint brush and water.

Flatten the coffee filter and place it on a plate or newspaper. Once the paint and water has soaked through, set it aside on paper towels to dry. Fold the chenille stem in half. (Remember, you are only using half of a chenille stem to begin with.) Fold the coffee filter accordion style, in about ½-inch pleats and position the pleated coffee filter into the bent end of the chenille stem. Center the filter at the bend and twist the chenille stem around the filter to secure it in place. Bend the tips of the chenille stems over about ¼ inch to create the antennae. Fan out those beautiful butterfly wings! Read more.


Painted Stones

Ornamental Stones

Turn ordinary stones into ornamental artworks for a garden, a potted plant or windowsill.

Simply paint any design onto a smooth stone with acrylic paint! Read more.



Tissue Cherry BlossomTissue Cherry-Blossom Tree

Create a beautiful cherry blossom tree out of branches and tissue paper.

Once you gather the branches, cut out 2-inch squares of pink tissue and pinch tightly in the middle to create blooms. Attach them to the branches with white glue and display the tree in a Mason jar or vase. Read more.